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I hope to continue adding content to but it is only natural that I have existing body of reviews and opinions on boardgames on my other channels! | User: ZuggyG
Here you will find me continuously updating and rating all the games I have played. We recently crossed the 400 games milestone and I am regularly playing games new to me. And yes, these are purely subjective and undetailed but it serves as a overall summary of the kind of games that I do like.

Youtube | User: Meepleman Canberra
Making videos are soooo fun! It allows me to challenge myself creatively as there are always new techniques to learn and implement. On my youtube channel you will find a variety of content all focused on boardgames in one shape or another. If boardgames were not part of my life I am sure I would have still found a topic to make videos about.

Facebook Pages | Meepleman Canberra
Despite the decline in people who use Facebook in general, it is still the easiest way to share content whether original work on that platform or shared from another source. As such it is probably my most complete body of work.

Instagram | Meepleman Canberra
Boardgames look so so pretty sometimes. After being inspired by a close friend’s boardgame insta account, I thought I would focus on creating a feed which was focused on taking gameplay shots but edited with a unique visual style so as to stand out from the crowd and make a coherent body of work.