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We all thrive to win – even though winning as such is utterly unimportant. It is the objective, the aspiration that counts.


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As my storage unit is starting to pile up with more and more games, I've decided to create use a webstore CMS to maintain a catalogue. No you cant't buy games from there yet, but it is an easy way to see what I have in stock.


Check out when the next Slyfox Market is here. Every Quarter the Inner North of Canberra gets together to host a super cool community market along an open bikepath. It's always a great chance for me to talk about games all day so I wouldn't miss it. Come along to grab yourself a bargain.

Hire me as A Tutor/Support Worker!!

I have already had the privilege of providing 300+ hours of boardgame sessions and general support work. For those on the NDIS you can hire me as a support worker via Hireup. My preference is to work with those on the spectrum as boardgaming helps clients with critical thinking, emotional management and developing social skills.

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More than happy to answer your questions whether it is related to, to boardgames in general, or for media contact. Also check out the links to other media appearances I have made ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚